Edinburgh Therapy Group with Shirley


This self-managing, advanced therapy group began in February 2008, with the purpose of providing opportunities to continue working on our personal and professional development.  We have managed to create a safe enough, trusting, supportive and challenging environment for members to take risks with themselves and each other.  We believe that this is a rare and special thing. The current members have all been in the group since it started. All group members have previous extensive experience of working in groups, either through psychotherapy training or similar processes.  The group has a general (but not exclusive) Gestalt orientation.

We’re aiming for a group membership of 10 and currently have 8, so there are two places available.  As we currently have just two men and one lesbian group member we’d be particularly open to interest from other men and lesbian, gay or bisexual people.  We also welcome new people from anywhere in the UK, Ireland or beyond and from all ethnic backgrounds.

The format of the group is to meet residentially four times a year, over three days each time.  Support from other group members is available between meetings.  We currently meet in Joppa in Edinburgh (by the sea!) and hire a large residential house for each weekend to keep the cost low.

The dates we have set for the coming 12-month period are:

Thursday June 16th to Saturday June 18th;

Friday September 9th to Sunday September 11th;

Thursday December 8th to Saturday December 10th;

Friday March 16th to Sunday March 18th.

Current members of the group have made a commitment to these dates and all have an expectation of carrying on beyond the next 12 months. Ideally, we would like new group members to start in June and make a similar commitment to these dates.

Our usual timings are 1.00pm till 7.00pm on day 1, 10.00 till 6.30pm on day 2 and 10 till 2.00pm on day 3. The cost is estimated to be around £250 per session and may be less. This includes all food and accommodation. Payments may be made by monthly standing order to spread the cost.

The group will be facilitated by Shirley Summers MSc.(Gestalt Psychotherapy), Dip Psych (Metanoia), Cert.Ed., Dip Couns. UKCP reg.  Shirley has a background in teaching, dance and movement therapy. She has been working with Gestalt for over twenty-five years. She offers training and supervision in addition to her psychotherapy practice for groups, couples and individuals.

If you are interested in joining this group, or want to find out more about it, please contact Gordon Sinclair  01241 829200 / 07939272062.

People who decide they want to join will be asked to write a letter explaining what interests them about this group, what they would want to get out of it and what relevant previous experience they have of being in similar group situations and of Gestalt.

Quote from one group member:

‘I think this kind of group is a brilliant way of keep my growing edges of personal development and gestalt practice honed. That’s why I sought this group out, best thing I ever did therapy wise personally.’