Foundation Training in Gestalt Therapy

One Year, Part Time Course – Starting October 2018


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We would like to welcome you to the prospectus for Manchester Gestalt Centre – One-Year Foundation Course in Gestalt Counselling/Therapy.  This prospectus is designed to give you information about various aspects of the training.  It includes an overview of the course and an outline of the commitments you will make in undertaking it.  Please contact us if there is anything you would like to discuss prior to application.

The Foundation Course in Gestalt Counselling/Therapy will be run by two experienced trainers:
Joy Appleby UKCP Registered Gestalt Psychotherapist, is a Training and Supervising Member of The Gestalt Psychotherapy Training Institute (UK) and a member of the Training Standards Committee.  As a former BACP Accredited Trainer she was Senior Lecturer/Counselling Team Leader at City College Manchester until 2002 when she joined the Manchester Gestalt Centre.  Joy works in private practice as a supervisor and trainer and runs workshops and short courses on a range of topics as well as training in Gestalt Psychotherapy.

Shirley Summers MSc is a UKCP Registered Psychotherapist. Shirley has been working as a Gestaltist for 30 years. She offers therapy, supervision and training at MGC and in Cumbria and is a visiting Gestalt therapist and trainer for various institutes and organisations in the UK. Shirley has recently completed Level 1 training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and brings to her work a synthesis of Gestalt, Body Psychotherapy and Developmental Movement.

The trainers subscribe to the Ethical Codes of Practice of The Gestalt Psychotherapy Institute (GPTI) and United Kingdom for Psychotherapy (UKCP). They have a strong commitment to learning as a lifelong process and to providing a safe and stimulating environment for ongoing personal and professional development.

 Course Structure

The initial and final workshops will be facilitated by two trainers.  The remaining 9 workshops will be facilitated by one of the trainers.

The course will consist of 150 training hours delivered over 8 two-day weekend workshops (Saturday and Sunday) and 3 three day workshops (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) 9.30am to 5.30pm. The dates and workshop themes are as follows:

Dates/Workshop Theme


19th/20th/21st October (3 days)

17th/18th November

15th/16th December


12th/13th January

9th/10th February

8th/9th/10th March (3 days)

6th/7th April

11th/12th May

1st/2nd June

22nd/23rd June

12th/13th/14th July (3 days)

Workshops will consist of four elements: theory, experiential work/exercises, therapy practice and group process.  These will not necessarily be distinct sessions and the four elements will be integrated throughout the training.

Subjects for weekends and 3 day workshops (please note, the order may change):

  1. Contact and Awareness
  1. Projection, Transference and Counter-transference
  1. Introjection
  1. Retroflection and Body Process
  1. Confluence and Isolation
  2. Field Theory
  1. Dialogue
  1. Phenomenology
  1. Self/Shame
  1. Experimentation and Integration into Practice
  1. Endings, Satisfaction, New Beginnings, Group process

Course Fees

The fees include

  • Workshops & seminar weekends
  • Course handouts

The total fees for the foundation year will be £1,950 if paid in full or £2,150 if paid in instalments.

We aim to keep fees as low as possible in order to make the training accessible to a larger number of people. However, trainees must commit to pay the fees for the full year even if they decide to leave the course part way through the year.

Extra costs for the foundation year will include:

  • Travel to workshops, peer group etc
  • Accommodation if staying over in Manchester during the workshops
  • Books, journals and other resources

Some employers (e.g. Heath Authorities, Social Services, Educational Establishments and Voluntary Organisations) have provided support with fees and/or time off to do training so it is worth exploring this and/or other sources of assistance.

Application Procedure

Apply to: Gestalt Foundation Training at Manchester Gestalt Centre, with a CV and a letter about your interest in the course. You need to show how your training, qualifications and experience meet the entry requirements.  Please include the names and contact details of two people who will provide references and state what their relationship is to you.  Referees should not be current or past therapists, members of your family or friends.  If you meet the entry criteria you will be invited for an interview.

Please complete and submit one copy of the Working with Vulnerable People Declaration see page 16 in the prospectus.

The Prospectus for 2018/19 is available below:

(Contact us if you would like a paper copy sending)

Download (PDF, 299KB)